Lilies in the Lab

20160407_131811My research has been in a rut lately.  I have no new results, not because the experiments have been inconclusive, but because I haven’t been able to perform the experiments due to some issue in what should be trivial preparations.  So morale is low in our side of the lab.

That being said, the technician and I decided to brighten up our bay with something to make us feel a bit better.  Why not?  It helps our mental health, which needs a boost.  (Actually, science can make you a bit crazy if you don’t find ways to fight the depression of failure.)

So we chose to decorate with some pictures of lilies.  My idea.  I’ve been missing my baby girl, so this reminds me of her every moment I look out the window.

Here’s to hoping the beautiful lilies get us out the slump 🙂


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