Welcome to my blog!  I’m Kathryn, a Catholic mother of a baby girl pursuing my PhD in Biochemistry.  As a cradle Catholic, I’m trying to reconcile my faith with my love of science.  I’m excited to share my experiences as a working mom, a woman in science, and a faithful Catholic wife and mother.20160401_180240-1

A little about me: I grew up Catholic, but my experience changed dramatically in college.  An invitation to a bible study led me to pursue God in a personal way.  I studied Biochemistry and Mathematics at the University of Denver before going on to pursue my PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  I have a love of science (and all things microscopic), and I am constantly amazed by the intricacies of how God made us.  When I’m not doing experiments at the bench or playing peek-a-boo, I enjoy crosswords and craft breweries with my husband, sunny Colorado weather, and reading historical fiction.

A little about my family: My husband, RJ, and I met in college during a Catholic retreat and a multivariable calculus class.  We got married during my first year of graduate school, and have been on an adventure ever since.  He is my other half, keeping me grounded when my anxiety gets the better of me.  His optimism counters my pessimism in the best way.  We have one beautiful daughter, Lily, who currently explores with the curiosity of a 6 month old.


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