Good Friday on the Academic Calendar

It’s Good Friday, a day I like to keep solemn and prayerful. Definitely a quiet day. But gone are the days20160325_164510 when I can spend the entire day in solitude. Gone are the days of Catholic elementary school when Good Friday was a school holiday (If only I had appreciated that at the time…). Today I have a number of things on my To Do list, and I can’t put them off for the entire Paschal Triduum.

My PI (boss) wants data analyzed yesterday. My yeast culture refuses to grow to a reasonable density. And everyone else seems to be working like it’s a normal day.

These are the subtle attacks on the faithful in academia. No one openly tells me that I can’t pause my work to go to Stations of the Cross, but the fact is that no one else is taking a half day or working from home. And that makes me feel isolated. And fearful that perhaps my boss will think I don’t work as hard or take science as seriously because I’m not totally invested in my data analysis today (For the record, it got done with the help of God and a supportive husband watching the little one today).

It’s days like this that isolate the faithful in academia because we prioritize our faith over our work. We don’t see Good Friday as just another day. It’s far more than that. But we’re surrounded by people who don’t fully understand.

So I’m reflecting a bit on this today. And praying that I can be extra productive next week 🙂


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